Our underwriting

Our approach to underwriting is designed to provide a clear and fair experience for all our members.

Every individual plan we issue is based on a full medical underwriting approach. We ask detailed questions about each person’s medical history before issuing a plan. This means we only have to ask for this information once, at the time of application, and each person knows exactly what they’re covered for.

We take the same approach for company plans with under 10 members.

For companies that want to cover 10 or more people, we may be able to offer a plan on a ‘medical history disregarded’ basis and so won’t require them to provide detailed information about their employees up front.

We also have the option to offer cover on continuous transfer terms whereby we may be able to carry across any underwriting terms or exclusions (given by your existing insurer) to a Now Health plan.


Our Underwriting Partner

Established in 1944 and present across nine Arab territories, Arabia Insurance owes its strength to 75 years of regional expertise, locally customised solutions, and a key focus on customer centricity to meet customers’ evolving needs. Arabia Insurance has drawn its objectives over-delivering adequate coverage, proper and prompt claims handling, product development and the latest technical updating. The core of Arabia’s success lies in understanding individual needs and maintaining a close relationship with customers.