Compliance Responsibilities

Plans are issued by Arabia Insurance Company S.A.L.

In the UAE our plans are brought to you by Arabia Insurance Company S.A.L.. Its activities are regulated by the Insurance Authority. The Insurance Authority’s mission is to:

“Promote the UAE’s insurance sector by means of legislation and policies; defend the rights of the policyholders without prejudice to the rights and interests of the insurance companies; organise the legal and administrative systems; extend coordination with the pertinent entities and the private sector; develop the relations with the international organisations and support the move to Emiratize the insurance sector.”

Information about the Insurance Authority including guidance for policyholders can be obtained at its website:-

Once you have purchased your plan we will administer it on behalf of Arabia Insurance Company S.A.L. and ensure that the service you receive meets the high standards set for Now Health worldwide and Arabia Insurance Company S.A.L. in the region.

The objectives of the Health Insurance Law of Dubai (No 11 of 2013)

The Health Insurance Law of Dubai is enforced by the healthcare regulator, the Dubai Health Authority (“DHA”). The strategy of the DHA is built upon two key pillars. The first pillar is that all UAE Nationals and expatriate residents (“Residents”) of Dubai should have access to healthcare. In order for this to happen, there must be funding mechanisms in place to ensure that the costs of care are met.

The second pillar is that health care provision must be of the highest quality relevant to the needs of the population.

The objective of the Law is, therefore, to ensure that there is a system of funding in place that meets the objectives of access and quality.

The law requires that all Nationals and Residents of Dubai (including dependents) must have coverage in place to pay for emergency and curative healthcare needs.

Residents and their dependants, funding will be provided by private health insurance schemes.

The law applies to all economic areas of the Emirate of Dubai including Free Zones.

It is the responsibility of the employer to put in place and to pay the costs of private health insurance plans for employed residents. The employer is not compelled to pay for coverage for spouses and dependents but as a matter of good human resource practice and to ensure security for its workforce DHA encourages employers to do so. 

The law is enforced through the residential visa process whereby no new visa will be issued or an existing one renewed where the individual concerned does not have health insurance coverage in place at the time of visa application or renewal. 

Now Health International Gulf Third Party Administrators LLC. has obtained a Health Insurance Permit from the DHA to operate in the Dubai as a Third Party Administrator in partnership with Arabia Insurance Company S.A.L..

Before you buy a plan, please review the terms and conditions of the contract:

If you are buying a WorldCare plan for yourself and/or your family click here to view our individual and families members' handbook;

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If you are buying a SimpleCare plan for your employees, click here to view our companies members' handbook.